our vision

Sustaining learning community for future learners.

Based on the idea of learner sourcing and culturally relevant pedagogy, Mentor Academy seeks the expertise of learners who have completed courses on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to collaborate with the instructional team on improving individual  work of courses.

The goal of the program is to develop a sustainable system where both learners and mentors thrive in the process of mentorship. We hope to improve the learning experience and outcomes through building a more dynamic, connected, and diverse online community for data science learners.

Our Mission

by teaching, we learn

public service in the nature of the profession

The fundamental idea for Mentor Academy is based on two Latin quotes, “docendo discimus” and “pro bono publico”. The ancient wisdom suggests that sharing one’s knowledge with others can, in turn, foster one’s mastery of the subject. Moreover, the nature of each profession inherently support the needs of the public and serves the goal of returning back to society through public service.

We envision a sustainable peer learning system where motivated individuals take initiative in advancing their learning through teaching. . we are excited to explore this new mechanism to achieve an innovative way of learning data science.

our Mentors

Mentors are qualified individuals who are motivated to learn about trending topics in data science and apply them to create engaging, culturally relevant, content for future learners. So, what’s in for mentors at the Mentor Academy? 


As a mentor, you are expected to apply your expertise to create data science problems. We encourage mentors to operate from an instructional perspective that inspire new ideas in problem-solving


an opportunity to increase engagement in the data science community, connecting to other mentors, learners, and the instructional team. Expand professional network


we acknowledge mentors’ effort with certificates and awards, Show on LinkedIn to demonstrate your skills and unique contributions to the course


See the real impact through numbers of times your contributions are used and learners benefited around the world.



our team


Christopher brooks


Research Assistant Professor, School of Information



Research lead

Learning Experience Designer, Office of Academic Innovation



project lead

MSI student, School of Information

Yiwen Lin

program Manager

Research Assistant, School of Information


Daniel Schorin

content developer

BSI student, School of Information


Sinha Roy

content developer

MSI student. School of Information


John penington

platform developer

Undergraduate , School of Engineering


runhe lu

PLATFORM developer

Undergraduate, School of Engineering

our platform

Our current platform is offered through Applied Data Science with Python specialization on Coursera.

Our current mentoring system operates on Jupyter notebook, where we built collaborate plugins that allow mentors and learners to work in team environments.  

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University of Michigan 

105 S State St

Ann Arbor, MI 48109